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October 31, 1996

Visionary keeps the faith and defies ESB power black out

Mary Malone: Did faith keep the lights on?

NTERNATIONALLY acclaimed visionary and healer Mary Malone defied the ESB yesterday at the Riveroom Hotel in Newcastlewest, Co. Limerick, when the town was blacked out due to a power failure at 6 o'clock.

The healer was conducting a healing session when the power failure occurred but the only lights to remain lighting fully in the town of Newcastlewest were from the four chandeliers in the ballroom where Ms Malone prayed.

The ESB personnel could not explain how the lights remained fully on but to sheer coincidence but the congregation gathered at the prayer service have insisted it's due to the healer's intervention. Assistant manager of hotel Cormac Long said staff were baffled by the occurrence as the entire hotel was blacked out but for the ballroom.

Mary Malone has attracted thousands of sick and prayerful people to her sessions after a phone-in programme on Radio Limerick earlier this week where she conducted healing and visionary insight over the airwaves.

Mary has been around the world 12 times and visited 182 separate countries.