Many people visiting this web site will be aware that Mary Malone and her husband Malcolm have been touring the world helping and healing thousands of people almost constantly since 1983. Over these years, even though many kind folks have offered help and assistance, Mary has, in fact been entirely self-supporting. Having been spiritually drawn to her work, neither Mary or Malcolm have ever seen her mission as a commercial venture and none of these kind offers have ever been accepted.

After the sad passing of Malcolm's mother a few years ago, she bequeathed her home to Mary as a retreat to which she could return between journeys and eventually retire to. As the travelling is now being reduced, Mary and Malcolm are spending more time resting at this house in the North West of England. This allows them to totally restore body and mind before setting off again.

Although less travelling means fewer face to face meetings with people, in fact Mary's overall workload has not really diminished as more time is spent giving help and healing over the telephone.

More time at her retreat unfortunately brings with it increases in the amount of expenses we are all used to when running a more permanent home rather than constantly being on the move.

If you have been helped in any way by Mary or this web site, any small donation would help Mary to continue with her work and would be greatly appreciated.


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