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Telephone Consultations

Mary is available for telephone consultations of either 30 minutes or 60 minutes duration. You may select your choice below.

When selecting a convenient time for your consultation, please try to offer alternatives to ensure Mary will be available. Mary will call you as near to your first choice as possible.

To ensure that you receive full benefit from your consultation, please consider the following tips:

  • be relaxed and in a calm state of mindmary malone
  • make a list of your goals and requirements to jog your memory such as
    • physical
    • emotional
    • mental
    • or spiritual needs .

You may cover a broad range of life's problems including

  1. relationship issues
  2. health
  3. financial problems
  4. work related
  5. romance and marriage guidance etc

You may also discuss the loss of a loved one.telephone

Finally, try to find a quiet and comfortable spot where you will be free from distractions.

Please click the required PayPal button below. After making payment we will email you to arrange a suitable time.

Please select either the 60 minute or 30 minute option :