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a spiritual healer and Catholic Visionary
who has the spiritual gift of healing through the power of the rosary






Owing to so many people wanting to talk to Mary while she is on a world tour or at her retreat home in the UK. Mary has made available a very limited number of phone consultations.

Please mention to Mary whether you need
Distant Healing
(spiritual, emotional or physical healing)


Visionary Reading
(spiritual insight)

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Mary Malone is a Catholic mystic and visionary, who's family's gifts can be traced back to the Vikings, who came to Ireland in the 9th century A.D. Mary is also a very powerful spiritual healer who has been featured and portrayed on T.V. and radio in most of the countries she has visited on her continuous world tour.

Mary Malone is the only mystic in the world to use a simple glass of water as a focusing tool she calls her "H2O Computer Screen". She uses this unique method to "tune in" to the person she is counselling to give them SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE about their past and future.

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