Videos of Mary Malone

Here we have a selection of videos from some of the many TV shows Mary has appeared on over many years.


Join Mary in this clip as she recites her healing prayer. Follow along with the words on the screen.

Interview on KUSI Ch 9 San Diego with Paul Bloom, Laura Buxton, and Fred Saxon.

The interview date is around the mid nineties.

Mary has been interviewed on air around 30 times on three different networks with Laura Buxton: Laura still lives in San Diego, and each time Mary visits the US she always says hi to Laura.


This clip is one of the many TV specials that Mary has done over the 30 years of World touring.

This one was for KING 5 Seattle: date is around the early nineties.

This clip is the introduction from Marys Healing and Meditation DVD filmed in the beautiful Drimnagh Castle, Dublin. It is introduced by Seamus Hennessey, who is an investigative reporter from County Limerick in Ireland.

Michael McGoldrick performs the background music.

The Meditation on this clip is very relaxing. The complete DVD is available from this link:

Drimnagh Castle DVD

The introduction for this video starts in Africaans: the English language starts after a few moments.

Mary was three days filming in and around Johannesburg; this TV report was by M-NET TV, and the program was called 'Carte Blanche'. This is a TV show from around the World that is typical of the hundreds of TV shows that Mary has done.

This is Part 2 of 'Carte Blanche'
The next three video clips are from a programme entitled 'The Other Side' which was recorded in the NBC studios at Burbank, California in 1995.

This edition was called 'I'll Do Anything to Save My Child'. Mary was specially asked by the producers to meet this family for the show.



Here we have part 2 of 'The Other Side'.

This is the third section of 'The Other Side - I'll do anything to save my child'