limerick about mary malone

Saturday, February 20,1999

Fly me to the moon
(But that's only a short hop for 2 million mile Mary)


GLOBE TROTTERS...Mary and Malcolm have equalled 80 times round the world

THE place to be on a long-distance flight is next to record-breaking traveller Mary Malone, who has just clocked up an amazing two million miles in the air.
For, years ago, a voice told Mary, an internationally-known spiritual healer, that nothing would ever happen to her on a plane. Since then, she and husband Malcolm Vickers, from Westhoughton, near Bolton, have travelled the equivalent of 80 times round the world equal to 4½ return journeys to the moon. That includes 273 separate international flights as well as countless domestic city-to-city journeys as she spreads her healing message across the world.
"I'm hardly ever at home," admits Mary, 63. "But I love travelling and always go by British Airways if possible. They look after me so well." She recalled that, on one journey, the plane she was on had to dive 1,000ft to avoid another aircraft. with luggage crashing from the overhead racks all round her.
"I think I was the only one on the flight who was calm," she said. "I am never frightened on a plane,"
Mary and 55-year-old Malcolm set off on their latest odyssey from Manchester Airport to London's Heathrow, where they caught a connecting flight to Los Angeles.
British Airways staff in Manchester sent their best customers on their way with a bottle of champagne and a free upgrade to Club Class to make the going easier. While in America, Mary and Malcolm will embark on a 35-city tour. They will not be returning to Britain until May - and Mary said she would be off again within weeks to visit her native Ireland, and then possibly embark on another world tour.
But she admitted: "There are still a lot of places to which I haven't been so far.  Malcolm, who is also her business manager, said they had yet to visit Russia and China, and in Latin America had ventured only as far south as Mexico.


Friday, October 15, 1999

Faith healer has a calming influence


On the bridge...Mary and Captain Garbriel Luschi,
right, with officers John Goddard and Colin Smith

A STORMY Irish Sea was no match for spiritual healer Mary Malone. The ferry from Liverpool to Dublin was rolling in the waves when Mary, 63, said a prayer and laid her hands on Captain Gabriel Luschi's shoulders.
Miraculously the waters calmed - and stayed that way for the rest of the journey. Mary, from Westhoughton, near Bolton, had been invited to meet the captain as the vessel ploughed through the
notorious St George's Channel.
"The sea went calm as if by magic", said Super Seacat spokesman Simon Dey. "It was tremendous to have divine intervention, and I'm sure the other passengers were very grateful."
Mary, who has clocked up more than two million miles as she takes her message to an international audience, insisted: "I am only the instrument - it is the Holy Spirit that does it. Everyone has that spirit and can get help if they ask with enough feeling."
On this occasion Mary and husband Malcolm Vickers were on their way to Dublin for the launch of a music video which features a track about her.