limerick about mary malone

April 27, 1999



MARY and MALCOLM, left, have met presidents
and South Africa's revered Desmund Tutu, above.

THE SKY'S no limit for a high-flying faith healer and her hubby - they've racked up two million miles in the air by traveling nonstop for 16 years.

Since beginning their long, strange trip in 1983, ultimate frequent fliers Mary and Malcolm Malone have totaled enough miles to have flown to, the moon and back... four times!

But the globetrotting couple prefer to do a world of good here on Earth with their faith healing ministry. Each time their plane stops for refueling, Mary, 63, and her traveling man Malcolm, 55, find the time to spread their message of miracles. Travel industry experts say by flying so many miles, the Malones plainly deserve the title world's most-traveled individuals.

"I love traveling... I'm hardly ever at home," says Mary, who rarely sees her house in Westhoughton, England.

The bubbly blonde has never suffered a fear of flying - not since a voice assured her many years ago that no harm would ever come to her in a plane. But there have been some close calls. One time a plane on which she was traveling was forced to dive- 1,000 feet - to avoid a mid air collision with another aircraft. Mary used her faith and inner peace to calm panicky passengers. "I think I was the only one who was calm," she recalls.

The internationally known spiritual healer is presently on a crusade in the San Diego area. Despite traveling the equivalent of 80 trips around the world, Mary says there are still many new places left to visit... and lots of frequent flier miles to accumulate.
"We've never been to Russia or China or South America," Malcolm says.