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All hands on deck as healer takes
to airwaves



On air, Mary Malone brought the Limerick 95 On Satellite switchboard to a standstill
yet again this week.

A FAITH HEALER  brought a Limerick radio station to a standstill after hundreds of listeners' calls jammed its system. Staff at Limerick 95 on Satellite were stunned when their switchboard momentarily crashed as they struggled to cope with calls from interested listeners.
Callers were trying to speak to faith healer Mary Malone who spoke for two hours to radio presenter Seamus Hennessy.
The healer, who claims to have cured thousands of people all over the world, has had a huge Limerick following for years. But yesterday was the first time that she's ever brought a local station to a standstill. People were still ringing after I went off the air.

"The staff were run off their feet. The switch. board was going constantly," said the Galway woman.
Mary first started healing people more than a decade ago after she began touring the globe saying the rosary with followers.
"I've been around the world 12 times. I've helped all kinds of people who've had cancer, shingles. I've also helped
people who've been in comas, said Mary, who believes the Holy Spirit uses her to reach others,
Mary was meeting the public today at the Kilmurray Lodge Hotel at 11 am, 3pm and 7pm. She will also be at the Woodlands House Hotel at the same times throughout tomorrow.



Statue is looking for home

A LIFE-SIZED statue of Padre Pio, which has travelled more than 200,000 miles around the globe, is to settle down - with whoever offers it a good Limerick home.

The mystic friar and healer, Padre Pio, was known in his lifetime for having the miraculous ability to be in two places at one time. But the statue of the blessed stigmatist is facing earthly travel problems.
The 300lb wood-carved statue has travelled more than 200,000 miles, much of it by boat, with Limerick faith healer and visionary Mary Malone on her most recent missions as far as Hawaii and Fiji. But the Limerick-based faith healer cannot bring the unique five foot high statue on her latest tour as she is travelling by plane.
The religious statue doesn't need any special treatment other than being stored in a dry environment and some tender loving care with polish and cloth, until she returns in a years time.
Mary hopes it will be temporarily adopted by someone who would allow people to come and see it.
"it's hard enough to bring enough bags for all our basic needs on this tour and the airlines are particular about the weight of luggage they will let passengers take. I'm afraid they couldn't accommodate the Padre," said Mary.
Ms Malone commissioned the sculpture to mark her devotion to the Italian friar, Padre Pio, who was believed to bear the physical wounds of Christ, and to have the power to heal the sick.
Anyone who can look after the statue until Mary returns in one year should contact the Evening Echo offices.