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Monday, November 22, 1999

Thanks Padre

Lifesize statue is Mary's tribute to holy man who has helped with her spiritual mission
by David Crookes

A LIFE-SIZE statue of Italian monk Padre Pio is standing in the living room of a spiritual' healer in Bolton. Mary Malone commissioned the 5ft 7ins high sculpture to mark the life of the man believed to bear the physical wounds of Christ on the cross. And she says it is her way of giving something back to Padre Pio - whom she claims has the power to heal the sick.
According to Mrs Malone, Padre Pio appeared in a dream in 1985 urging her to concentrate on her spiritual side. But because it was a dream, she decided not to act on it until four months later when she had an encounter with a woman in Johannesburg, South Africa - and allegedly cleared her numerous ailments.
She then decided to travel across the world with her husband, Malcolm Vickers, leaving their home in Westhoughtonon a mission to cure.
Speaking in a soft Irish voice, she told the BEN: "I wanted the statue made to thank Padre for all of his help. He has strengthened me. I have God on my side. I appeared on TV in San Diego and appealed foe somebody to make the statue. A young man came forward and I could tell instantly that he was a spiritual person."
The 300lb mahogany sculpture was designed by Tom Benson at a cost of $3,780 (around £2,300) and took four months to complete.
The couple spent a further £1,200 transporting it from America to Bolton.  Mrs Malone added: "It's a very impressive statue and it makes a good tribute to a very holy man.

"Throughout my healing, I always tell people that it is not Mary Malone working, but the Holy Spirit and Padre made it possible." In February the couple made headlines after notching. up two million miles with British Airways - a feat achieved through much globetrotting as art of Mrs Malone's healing mission.
Now it is the turn of the Padre Pio statue as Mrs Malone prepares to take it on a tour starting at the Irish Heritage Centre in Cheetham Hill, Manchester, on November 23.

Mystic's abilities were doubted

Mary Taking delivery of her statue from US sculptor
 Tom Benson

MYSTIC friar and faith healer Padre Pio is on the road to sainthood more than 30 years after his death in 1968 at the age of 81.
In May he was the subject of a beatification ceremony conducted by devoted follower Pope John Paul 11.
The Italian, a poorly educated monk who bore body marks like those of Christ's crucifixion, acquired a vast following in his native country an around the world despite doubts over his abilities by the Vatican.
Indeed, a investigator in the 1920s claimed lie was an "hysteric", believing his stigmata were self-inflicted.
Yet Padre Pio is reputed to have had supernatural powers of prophecy and healing and he believed firmly in guardian angels and the Devil.
He has also been credited with miraculous cures. One commentator, however, described him as a cross between St Francis and illusionist David Copperfield.