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FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 1993

Healing Hands

I'm a visionay I don't go around every day tuning into people
- I'm not out of my tree

By Jane Bell

Mary Malone: "I have a sixth sense..."

Curing ills has taken Mary Malone round the world nine times

EVEN if you think psychic ability is a load of cobblers you're unlikely to be indifferent to spiritual healer Mary Malone.
Born in Mount Bellew. Co Galway. she has been nine times round the world, visiting more than 100 countries. since beginning her healing missions 10 years ago,
In May she is back in Ireland for a three month tour of one night stands, starting in Northern Ireland on May 4. with plans to hold sessions in all 32 counties.
Like many another "healer" Mary comes from a long family line - "seven generations on my father's side" - but didn't begin using her gifts until she was 48.
After a spell as a nurse in America and England she married Malcolm Vickers, a down-to-earth Bradford Protestant 27 years ago.
She was first aware of her sensibility as a child in the West of Ireland but "didn't know what it was".
In adulthood. she struggled against it. "For18 years I fought back and forth with God. 'Why me? Don't pick an old pair of shoes like me".


For many years of their marriage Malcolm had refused to hear of her doing readings or healing. But eventually he was persuaded of Mary s need to pursue what she sees as her calling and gave up is
printing business to "carry her bags".
During the years of denial. Mary says her health deteriorated.
"As soon as I resumed - as it result of a joke advertisement he placed in a newspaper in Canada. where we were on holiday - my chest problems cleared up".
Mary's lively looks and long frothy blonde hair belie her 58 years.
She has an undeniable warmth and a strange child-like quality that tends towards an instant rapport with strangers. You can't help but delight in her company.


Her language is a curious mixture of the sacred and the prosiac. She talks easily of "going home" (death) and of conversations she has had with "the Holy Mother".
The human body is nothing but "an old overcoat". to be shaken off for the next world.
She talks, too, of her guardian angel - "we all have one" - describing him as "very, very tall, blonde, broadish face and lovely features.
"I'm a visionary. I have a sixth sense - stronger, maybe, than most people's. But everybody has it. Lots of people are frightened of it, so they back away.
"If it's used in the right way, you won't go wrong.
"I don't go around every day tuning into people - I'm not out of my tree with it" she smiles,. "But I have lain awake at night praying, without knowing who I am praying for."
She disclaims any connection with the stero-typed image of the gypsy fortune teller with black cat and crystal ball.


In private sessions she uses two glasses of water. In one of the glasses, she says she sees writing "just like a computer" and in the other pictures.
During our conversation she told me things about my own life that were surprisingly accurate.
Her slender hands, with neatly manicured pink fingernails have visibly raised pads at the base of the fingers - characteristic of healer's hands, she tells me.
Mary relates many accounts of people who have been cured of their ills through contact with her - even over the airwaves - and shows testimonies from various individuals around the world.
What is achieved, she insists, is through "the power of the Holy Spirit, not Mary Malone".


It is not her role to judge or criticise, she says. Nor does she set herself up as an alternative to conventional medicine.
"I give them hope, I don't tell anybody about death, even if I would see it and it's very rarely that I do".
"Even if they do cross over, the soul doesn't die. There is no death".
Mary Malone's first meeting is at the Forte Crest Hotel, Dunmurry on May 4. Over the next two weeks she will be at the Slieve Donard, Newcastle: The Drumsill House Hotel, Armagh: Inn at the Park, Dungannon: Everglade Hotel, Londonderry and the Killyhevlin Hotel, Enniskillen. There is a donation of £5 per seat.