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All in good faith

Mary's travels have taken her around the world to many countries.
Here she is pictured with Archbishop Desmond Tutu during her visit to South Africa.

Mary Malone brings her healing power to treat the ill

Mary Malone wants to bring the "power of healing" to Batemans Bay before she heads for Sydney and Melbourne to use her powers there.

"Spiritual healing" is a process whereby people are invited to stand in a line, to wait for Mary's "touch", as she stands on a platform. Mary says the healing process is spiritual, physical and psychological, and she is "guided" by God, as she reaches out to touch people, to heal them of their illnesses.

Mary is originally from Ireland and is travelling with her English, husband, Malcolm, who accompanies her on her world-wide healing missions.

Batemans Bay was originally a destination for a relaxing break for Mary and Malcolm, but say friends in the area suggested Mary conduct sessions for the locals.

"We thought it would be nice for the local people, especially those who are retired and would like to experience something different," said Malcolm Vickers, Mary's Husband. Recently returned from the Gold Coast, Malcolm said Mary has had a good response from people at the Pan Pacific Hotel, where her sessions were held.

The Mariners Lodge Hotel is the venue for Mary's Batemans Bay sessions and Mary says she is happy to see the people of the area, bringing any problems or illnesses they may have.

"I am invited by people with a spiritual interest to come to areas such as Batemans Bay, and my sessions are non-denominational.
"I work by love', by prayer and by the Rosary," said Mary, who is Catholic by religion.

Malcolm Vickers says it is "wonderful" to see Mary conducting her spiritual healing, and says he is happy to have given up his printing business in his homeland of England to see his wife fulfil her spiritual duties.

"I was given a gift when I was a child, one that has been in my family, and I see myself as an instrument, guided by God. I see wonderful things happening through the power of prayer - people are healed from cancer and other illnesses," said Mary.

Mary Malone will appear at the Mariners Lodge Hotel in Batemans Bay on Friday, June 12, Wednesday, June 17, and Friday, June 19 - from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm - at $10 per seat. Private half-hour sessions cost $50, which can be attended by five people , and to book your seat, please call 726 222.