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Mary is often asked to recommend reading matter relating to the advice given to the people she meets.

The number of books available can be confusing and continues to grow constantly, making it difficult for folks to make informed choices. In an effort to guide you in your selections, Mary has been compiling a list of booksangelic encounters from mary malone she has recommended over the years.

Many of these she has read herself, others have been favourably received by her devotees. Some are by authors you may be familiar with whilst some may be new to you. All come with Mary's recommendation as usefull guides to help make your way in life.

Without knowing you or your situation personaly, obviously total guarantees cannot be made, but we are sure you will find many of these titles useful.


Book of the Month ~ Sister Wendy on Prayer

siter wendy on prayer Sister Wendy, who has been dedicated to a life of prayer for more than half a century, has always resisted writing a book on the subject. Her reasons mix humility with a conviction that prayer is simple: books about prayer can be a dangerous distraction. Yet, when she does speak about prayer, often in response to the questions of ordinary people, she does so with an eloquence that speaks directly to her hearers in ways that make practical sense. Now, in her older age, Sister Wendy is willing to set down some of what she has learnt over a lifetime in a series of meditations.

Sister Wendy on Prayer

Book of the Month ~ Prayers That Bring Change

prayers that bring change Prayers that Bring Change by Kimberly Daniels includes many Biblically-based, authoratative, warfare prayers that will help change your heart and your circumstances. You'll learn to pray for healing, deliverance, our nation's politics, and much more. Break the powers of darkness and release the blessing and favor of God in your life.

Prayers That Bring Change: Power-Filled Prayers That Give Hope, Heal Relationships, Bring Financial Freedom, and More!


Book of the Month ~ Celtic Daily Prayer

celtic daily prayer

Thoughts, prayers and readings for every day of the year, both morning and evening, with Celtic themes and inspiration, from the Northumbria Community. Celtic Daily Prayer offers an alternative to the cult of the new, drawing on the live of the Celtic Saints, as well as many other writers and thinkers down the ages, to help the modern pilgrim find solid ground in their daily walk with God.

Celtic Daily Prayer