limerick about mary malone

29 OCTOBER 1999

Healing hands across
the sea

To celebrate the launch of a new CD and video by Irish entertainer Johnny Barrett, Bob Anderson and Stephanie Turner travelled to Dublin, where they were joined by faith healer Mary Malone.

Mary Malone (left) Mary Desmond (centre) and Johnny Barrett

Irish entertainer Johnny Barrett has recorded a song written by Mary Desmond, which is based on faith healer Mary Malone.

The song was previously entitled Stranger Than Fiction but during the video, the camera pans to reveal a dove perched at the top of a telegraph pole above a local shrine; hence the new title Dove of Peace.

Is it more than a coincidence that the dove appears in close proximity to where Mary Malone is, we asked ourselves?
Believe it or not, the faith healer has achieved more than two million air miles with British Airways.

It was reminiscent of a plot from one of Maeve Binchy's novels, as we all docked in Dublin. We all made our way to Mallow in Co Cork to meet the star of the show, Johnny Barrett.

The whole venue was absorbed into the charisma of Barrett, which grasps You almost immediately as he appears on stage.
Many of Barrett's songs are written by Peter Burke, who himself is an outstanding one-man-show.

The following day, we travelled into Co Kerry fort another show of talent, music and entertainment. The show took more or less the same structure as the previous night but we were to another new performer by the name of Dermot Lyons, aged only 16. Given time, it will not be long before this young star will be up there, with the likes of Daniel O'Donnell and Dominic Kirwan.
It was this young performer who prompted a lady to come over to our table and tell us another story involving Mary Malone.
Lillian Stubbs, of Co Cork, met Malone in Dublin, after her 11-year-old son, Christopher, had suffered from chronic asthma.
Only minutes after receiving healing from Malone, Lillian claims her son remarked how loose his chest felt and says he has not had any further attacks, three years on.

As sceptical as we have been prior to the seeing is believing as say. We had a fantastic weekend of musical entertainment and Johnny Barrett is a  marvellous performer. His show was one of the most enjoyable and inspiring we have ever seen.
It will come as no surprise to fans of Barrett that the new CD and video are set to escalate up the charts.

And although Malone has provided the inspiration for the Dove of Peace track on the album, this rise will not require any divine intervention.