Gerry Ryan

gery ryan and mary malone

Mary's first appearance on the Gerry Ryan Show was in the late eighties: since then, Mary has been a guest on air with Gerry more than 40 times on his TV and Radio shows

gerry ryan with mary malone.

Mary has also been asked by Gerry to visit a number of people in different parts of Ireland to help them either with Spiritual Healing or Visionary Insight over the years.

A special treat for Mary and Malcolm was meeting the parents of Gerry's wife Mora, Des and Noreen. They were very honoured to be invited as overnight visitors at their home in Vernon Ave, Clontalf.

Mary recalls her first meeting with Gerry and his then producer Joan Tornsey, “I had decided to talk to Gerry like he was my own Son. I told him; no messing, if you start to talk about anything seedy; I will walk out.”

Gerry was taken by surprise at Mary’s firm words (he was not used to guests saying things like that to him.)

Mary was scheduled to be on air for one hour; the response was so good that he let it run on for two hours;.

mary malone with gerry ryan and friends

This developed into one of the best shows Mary had done up to that time with an excellent response from the listeners. It was the start of a long friendship with Gerry whom Mary describes as “Gerry Ryan has in many cases been categorized mistakenly; I know him to be a Gentleman in every sense of the word. He is a sensitive soul, very family orientated; and although he says he is not a pious person, underneath the bluster he is indeed quite religious in his own way.”

The above sentiments have been mentioned many times in private letters and also been sent to many media sources since Mary's first meeting with Gerry in the late eighties.

mary malone and gerry ryan

gerry ryan and mary malone

gerry ryan and family with mary malonemary malone with gerry ryan

mary malone with gerry ryan and paulmary malone newspaper

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