How to order Johnny’s DVDs and CDs

Johnny and Anne never got around to organizing his music on the internet, although the demand would surely be there. Whenever I would broach the subject of making his work available to a wider audience, Johnny would say “I will get around to it soon Mali”. Although he did get a computer and finaly began to get to grips with the technology and was doing great with getting to grips with the internet, he never quite got around to putting together a web page so people from all over the World could experience the Musical Magic that was Johnny Barrett.

(Johnny got a new computer just about a year before he passed away) .

After consultation with Anne it was agreed to put a little info together about the DVDs and CDs, and make them available on Mary’s web pages, thereby making Johnny’s Music available to a wider audience.

Mary and Malcolm have done this to help sustain our memories of our happy times spent with Mary and Johnny, and these DVDs and CDs are only available by writing to Johnny's niece, Michelle at

Vale View House
Co Cork
Telephone 353 63 81510

The price of the DVDs and the CDs are:

The DVDs and CDs are the perfect gift for any age group, and would be a special musical, and visual treat for yourself.



Johnny Barrett

Part of Me

  1. Part of Me
  2. Never Ending Love for You
  3. I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Any More
  4. Slow Waltz Selection
  5. Selection of Polkas
  6. Sunny Tennessee
  7. Strauss Waltzes
  8. Make Somebody's Day
  9. We'll Always Have Rainbows
  10. Spinning Wheel
  11. Kildorrery Town
  12. Hornpipes
  13. Military Twosteps

Just One More Time

  1. I'm So Happy You Came My Way
  2. Rolling Stone
  3. Love Me One More Time
  4. Marches (Featuring Dermot O'Brien)
  5. The Crossroads of Life
  6. The Isle of Innisfree
  7. The Slosh Ob-la-Di-Ob-la-Da/Rivers of Bablyon
  8. The Passing of Time
  9. How Long More
  10. Lovely Laois
  11. Set Dance (Featuring Demot O'Brien)
  12. Strolling by the Cliffs of Moher
  13. Rosario
  14. Come Back Paddy Reilly
  15. Shadows of My Mind

You Mean So Much To Me

  1. Hummingbird Waltz
  2. Part of Me Will Always Be In Love With You
  3. Whispering Selection
  4. The Engineer of Blennerville
  5. Reels
  6. What Can I Do, What Can I Say
  7. Polkas
  8. Just Call My Name
  9. Don't Change the Old Love For the New
  10. Our Hero, John Doyle
  11. Save the Last Dance for Me
  12. Waltz Selection
  13. Love Never Broke Anyone's Heart (featuring Pat Barrett)

A Road That Never Ends

  1. A Road That Never Ends
  2. Keyboard Selection
  3. Like You Always Could Do
  4. Reels
  5. Tiny Bubbles
  6. Pen Friend
  7. Waltzes
  8. There Never Is a Good Time to Say Goodbye
  9. I'm Waiting for You to Call Me Darling
  10. Heaven Around Galway Bay
  11. Can I Sleep In Your Arms Tonight Lady
  12. Military Two Steps
  13. Six Days on the Road
  14. Will the Circle Be Unbroken
  15. Johnny Barrett


best of johnny barrett dvd

The Best of Johnny Barrett

Cliffs of Moher
Road Thet Never Ends
Medley in Gleneagle
Old Rustic Bridge
Footprints in the Snow
Tiny Bubbles
The Gay Gordons
Down By the Old River
Always New You Would
The Twist
It Is No Secret
So In Love With You
Medley On Shannon
Old Love Letters
Sweet Kerry
This Moment Is Mine
This Is My Song
Galway Bay
Seige of Ennis
Any Dream Will Do
Golden Dreams
My Angel Judy
There Never Is a Good Time to Say Goodbye
Cahirmee Fair
Instrumental Selection
Part of Me Will Always Be In Love With You
One of These Days
Irish Harvest Day
Engineer of Blennerville
Village Where I Went to School
Crossroad of Life
Seige of Ennis in Ballygarry
Just Call My Name
Save the Last Dance for Me
Part of Me

johnny barrett tribute dvd

Johnny Barrett Tribute Show at the Gleneagle Hotel

A tribute show to Johnny Barrett was held at the Gleneagle Hotel, Killarney, County Kerry on 10 March 2009. Many of Johnny's friends and fellow musicians were on hand to help celebrate the life and times of Johnny.

The list included

  • The Brendan Shine Band
  • Peter Burke
  • Jimmy Foley
  • Liam O'Sullivan
  • Mark Leen
  • Keith McDonald and Showband Show
  • Micheal Collins Band

They all appear on this 83 minute DVD for your appreciation.

Out and About

  1. A road that never ends
  2. The old rustic bridge by the mill.
  3. Footprints in the snow.
  4. Dance, The siege of Ennis with Peter Burke.
  5. There never is a time to say goodbye.
  6. Cahirmee Fair
  7. Six days on the road.
  8. Three beautiful Irish Waltzes.
  9. Tiny bubbles.
  10. I always knew you would.
  11. With guest Peter Burke.
  12. Only our rivers are free.
  13. One of these days –with peter Burke
  14. Irish harvest day.
  15. Country music mix.
  16. Sweet Kerry.
  17. Jigs-with peter burke
  18. Part of me.
  19. Marino waltz selection.

On the road

This is one of Johnny’s early videos taken around 1991, and because the original copy is 17 years old this DVD is not as clear as the later ones.

This DVD starts with the Lisdoonvarna festival in Co Clare.

  1. Galway Bay.
  2. West of the old river Shannon.
  3. Pick me up on your way down.
  4. O lonesome me.
  5. Irish Dance Music
  6. More Irish Dance Music.
  7. Evan More Irish dance Music.
  8. Ballyhea set dancers.
  9. Walszt selections.
  10. Irish music
  11. Heartace by the number.
  12. in the mood/ pick me up on your way down.
  13. Kerry selection of Songs.
  14. Irish dance Music/ siege of Ennis.
  15. Could I have this dance for the rest of my life.
  16. Dance with Irish ballroom champions.
  17. Set dancing.
  18. Irish accordion player Tony Kearney.
  19. Irish solo dancer.
  20. Three Irish musicians Peter Burke, Pat Daley, and Johnny’s son Pat Barrett.
  21. Music with fiddle and guitar.
  22. Solo song with Pat Barrett, Running home again.
  23. Lively Irish music with Peter, and the two Pats.
  24. Interview with county sounds radio.
  25. Love me tender
  26. Very young Irish ballroom champions with selection of waltzes. 

Golden Dreams

  1. Together Again,
  2. 40 Shades of green.
  3. Roll along silver moon.
  4. Slosh Dance in Killarney.
  5. hornpipe dance with set dancers.
  6. Co Clare selection.
  7. I am so in love with you.
  8. Turf man from Ardee.
  9. Maureen Lomasney and Philip Samway, Irish dance champions.
  10. Lovely Ballybunion.
  11. Johnny, Peter Burke, a Saxophone with Jimmy Foley.
  12. Heaven around Galway Bay.
  13. Melody mix with Johnny, Peter, and Jimmy Foley.
  14. Love this is my song, featuring Michelle Barrett.
  15. This moment in time.
  16. Instrumental mix with Clarinet. Jimmy, Johnny, and Peter.
  17. Any dream will do.
  18. Golden Dreams.
  19. My love is always for you- Peter Burke.
  20. Like you always could do.

Songs and Scenery

  1. You Mean So Much To Me
  2. The Village Where I Went to School
  3. The Engineer of Blennerville
  4. Polkas
  5. A Visionary and Healer (Mary Desmond)
  6. The Crossroads of Life
  7. Siege of Ennis
  8. Part of Me Will Always Be in Love With You
  9. The Lisdoonvarna
  10. Matchmaking Festival
  11. Just Call My Name
  12. In The Mood
  13. The Rose of Trallee
  14. Save the Last Dance For Me
  15. The Gay Gordons
  16. Down by The Old River
  17. Galway Bay/The Twist
  18. Military Twosteps
  19. It Is No Secret
  20. Hornpipes
  21. Old Love Letters Mix
  22. Rock 'n' Roll Mix
  23. White Rose of Athens